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Clark Regional Airport

The Clark Regional Airport serves Clark County Indiana and Metro Louisville, Kentucky and is owned by the Clark Regional Aviation Authority. The airport has two runways, the longest of which is 7000 feet. At an elevation of 474 feet, Clark Regional Airport is located just 7 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky.

Our Runways

Runway 18-36: 7000 Feet / 2134 Meters
Runway 14-32: 3899 Feet / 1188 Meters

Runway 18

Runway 36

Runway 14/32

Landing Fees

There is a landing/ramp fee that is based on the size of the aircraft. SCRAA Offices will invoice all landing fees. FBOs DO NOT have the authority to wave these fees. (J. Secor, SCRAA 1-1-2019).

Exclusions, Modifications, or Adjustments: All angel flights, student flights, Maintenance Flights, and any other flights approved in advance by the Authority or the Airport Manager shall be exempt from the landing/parking fee. The Authority and/or the Airport Manager also reserve the right to negotiate landing/parking fees outside of the above fee schedule for aircraft that make multiple landings at the Airport on a regular basis (i.e., at least eight (8) landings during any given month).

organized as a 501c7 nonprofit equity share Flying Club, We are all shared owners of these airplanes whether they are leased or owned by the club itself and Everyone should treat these airplanes like they are yours – because they are.  We are all pilots – your membership is a family membership and includes spouses and children under 25 that are pilots.

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